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4.jpgJSC "BPPP" on an ongoing basis purchases raw materials and components in the following range:

  1. Polymer Raw Materials (primary and secondary raw materials):
    • HDPE;
    • LDPE;
    • PP;
    • PS;
    • ABS.
  2. Masterbatches and Modifiers for Polymers
  3. Chemical raw materials:
    • soda ash;
    • sodium tripolyphosphate;
    • sodium percarbonate;
    • fragrances;
    • special additives
  4. Waste of polyethylene film and film products, including highly contaminated waste
  5. Rolled ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hardware products and metal components for polymer products (carrying handles, insert bushings, bases, etc.)
  6. Cardboard and polymer packaging, cardboard-winding sleeves for film winding
  7. Overalls and PPE
  8. Construction materials
  9. Tools and consumables for technological equipment
  10. Electrical and lighting products
  11. Stationery

Proposals for the purchase of materials and components you can send:

Material & Technical Supply Department
tel.: +375 (177) 79-08-32

Department of Chief Mechanic (tools and consumables for technological equipment)
tel.: +375 (177) 79-08-57

Department of Chief Power Engineer and Metrologist (electrical and lighting products)
tel.: +375 (177) 79-08-38

Maintenance department (stationery)
tel.: +375 (177) 79-08-51