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2.jpgAll products manufactured by JSC “BPPP” comply with the requirements of technical regulatory acts and are tested in an accredited laboratory of the Quality Assurance Service of JSC “BPPP”. Products are subject to the following types of control: acceptance, periodic, operational. The company applies selective control with the exception of visual inspection. Each product is subject to visual inspection. According to the results of the tests, protocols are drawn up, and the products are delivered to the warehouse.

The company received a certificate of conformance according to STB ISO 9001-2015 for the Quality Management System for the design, development and production of consumer goods, technical products, furniture, toys, polymer packaging, including for the transport of dangerous goods, containers, pipes and fittings for gas pipeline, water supply and heating, sewage systems, pipes made of polyamide, polyethylene film and products from it, household chemicals, plant protection products, the use of plastic waste and production of secondary polymers.

All types of products that are subject to mandatory state hygienic registration in the Customs Union have received certificates of state hygienic registration of the Customs Union.

All types of products that are subject to mandatory certification and declaration in the Republic of Belarus and in the Customs Union, have received appropriate permits. In addition, certificates of conformance of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation were obtained as part of voluntary certification for all everyday and household products, as well as for a number of technical products.

Permissions of GPN of the Republic of Belarus were obtained for the manufacture and sale of pipes and fittings used for the construction of gas pipelines.

The company annually develops measures to improve product quality and its competitiveness.