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Message to the director

In this section you have the opportunity to write a letter to the Head in Charge of JSC "BPPP" - the director or his deputies. Here you can leave your appeal, the subject of which may be different - the quality and range of products, managers’ work and other issues relating to any of the areas of activity of JSC "BPPP". Perhaps, you might want to express gratitude to some of the company's employees or suggest interesting solutions.

We ask you to compose the text of your appeal in accordance with generally accepted ethical standards - do not use foul language or rude expressions, to keep from affronts, showing disrespect, etc. The feedback from you is important for us to evaluate the work of JSC "BPPP" as a whole and to understand the current situation in specific areas of the company activity.

Your appeal will be considered by the Head in Charge of JSC "BPPP" within the shortest possible period of time.